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Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves in black take sporting action to the next level. Pull-on a pair of these stylish black boxing gloves for confidence to pack powerful punches in the ring.

Extensive research means that these boxing gloves are ideal for various training levels in boxing or even kickboxing. In addition, an award by Men’s Health Magazine for the best boxing gloves in 2019/2020 is also a clear indication of their quality and performance.

So, let’s find out what you get from this product.

Durable construction
Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves in black focuses on durable construction for long-lasting wear in this contact sport. Expect quality materials like Vylar engineered leather for a robust product that can handle years of punches.

When you’re boxing at an intermediate or advanced level, you want boxing gloves you can rely on. The construction of these boxing gloves makes them ideal for sparring, engaging in partner drills, or simply boxing pads or bags.

Ergonomic design
Unsurprisingly, these boxing gloves come with an ergonomic thumb position. The ergonomic design translates into freedom of movement, which also improves comfort.Several extras augment the appeal of these boxing gloves. The perforated palm enhances airflow to keep your hands cool, while the grip bar means there’s no bunching to distract you from your aim.

Wearing these lightweight, structured boxing gloves with the attached thumb then feels like you’re wearing a second skin.

Boxing is a high-energy, sweaty sport, so comfort is vital to keep you going for hours. Naturally, your body sweats profusely, but more importantly, your face and hands perspire excessively. This area is where the inner AG™ fabric adds to your comfort by regulating the temperature of your hands.

The soft boxing glove thumb design also helps wipe away sweat with ease. Add to this the XT2® lining, which supports freshness for longer, and you are looking at boxing gloves that have your comfort in mind. As a result, you can worry less about sweat and focus more on performance.

Style and convenience
The secure fit, quality materials and premium protection are the results of extensive research. In addition, the lace-like design provides a snug fit, vital for a hassle-free, confident sparring session to up your game.

With ease, you can also strap on your boxing gloves because of the intuitive Dual-X® hook and loop closure that you can adjust for size and convenience.

Additionally, you get to play a sport that you’re passionate about and do it in style. Further, you can clean these boxing gloves with ease, adding to their multiple benefits.

Hand protection and wrist support
Every boxer knows that wrist support and hand protection are vital in this contact sport. With this support and security in mind, the company caters to these requirements. Hayabusa T3 Boxing Gloves are made with specific materials that equate to durability.

Keeping your hands and wrists in alignment is essential for your protection. Hayabusa uses Dual-X® plus 4x Fusion Splinting™ to achieve this goal. This technology helps maintain the alignment between your wrists and hands.

Your knuckles also enjoy protection from harm due to Deltra-EG™ technology. This technology offers extensive knuckle protection with multiple foam layers. So with every punch, you throw in the ring or a sparring session, you have the assurance that your valuable assets are safeguarded.

Splints support and align your wrist.
Multi-layer foam knuckle protection.
A perfect, lace-like fit every time without the hassle.
Lining that smells fresh for longer using XT2®.
Wipe away sweat quickly with the super soft thumb.
Highly durable materials and construction.




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